Project Reviews

Why do reviews?

Today’s digital business is based on trust. And every day, agencies and freelancers work hard to deliver their best results to ensure the success of projects for their clients. A typical project consists of several layers that all have to work well together in order for a project to create value for a client.

These layers are:

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Code

Most of these are easy to understand for a client.

If a concept is thoroughly thought through and makes sense, anybody willing to invest a minimal amount of time and understanding gets it. So that’s solved easily.

Design is a bit more tricky because there are other factors to argue about, like colors and choice of font. Most of the time it’s a rather simple question of “Do I like it?” or “Do my customers like it?”.

Design also works in the ways of “Do my customers understand it?” which is then called Usability or User-Experience.

But all in all it’s easy to grasp because you see things you can argue about.

But code is hard to grasp for a client.

Having simple situations where you click a button and it does nothing are easy to solve: It’s a bug in the software.

But even when everything works fine there is a feeling of uncertainty that sits with the client, because they cannot “touch” the code or even look at it. And beyond that, the gritty details often surface later down the road, when out of a sudden, your site cannot be updated anymore. Or the technological solution you picked (or the one that was picked for you) leads into a dead-end.

The agency point of view

As an agency you know you did the right thing. Your experts spent days and days on building something that makes sense to the client, yet the client has a hard time determining the value of what you built.

But when building software there are often many ways to achieve the same goal. And this is where competition tries to nag on the things you built, arguing that the way you built an application is not up-to-date or “wrong”.

The problem is that when the competition claims your code is “wrong”, they play you because they should say your code is “different”.

And the client is now left between chairs because they cannot rate the quality of your work, remaining in doubt.

Doubt is the complete opposite of trust.

Official Reviews to the rescue

With TYPO3 GmbH, you can rule out the biased view.

We don’t have any interest in winning your client - because we don’t do the work you do for your clients.

Our only interest is to have well-implemented TYPO3 instances which generate value for your clients. We are 100% independent from all agency work. Our reviews are factual, based on best-practices we recommend for the TYPO3 core and unbiased at any point. Our work is based on standards, not gut-feelings, providing a service unparalleled in TYPO3's ecosystem.

Types of Reviews

We offer reviews that differ in depth and pricing, giving you the chance to start nice and easy.

Once you have demand for a full-blown review of your project, our engineers will take a closer look at the system, bit by bit.

Finally we also offer to review a single extension in use, helping you making educated decisions whether or not to use an extension.

Download an example of a review report

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Basic Project Review

€ 2,000.00

  • 1 project
  • entry-level review

Its main goals are to determine:

  • fast and affordable overview
  • Upgradability to next major version
  • Usage of current APIs
  • Assessment of future problems(up to 3 years in advance)
  • Use of best practices & recommendations(by the TYPO3 Core Team)

In-Depth Project Review

Price on Request

  • 1 project
  • thorough review

Its main goals are to determine:

  • Extension Upgradability
  • Performance Maintainability
  • Testing capabilities
  • Deployment Strategy
  • Platform independence
  • Scalability

Extension Review

Price on Request

  • 1 version of an extension
  • highlight its quality

Its main goals are to determine:

  • Security
  • Maintainability
  • Testing capabilities
  • Platform independence
  • Performance
  • Upgradability

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We will support you in choosing the right review that fits your demands.

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