Simon Köhler

TYPO3 Freelancer

The only 100% specialized TYPO3 freelancer in America! In Panama, Central America for 5 years. Get professional advice in English, Spanish or German. Trust in German quality and reliability and request your offer today!

Full-stack TYPO3 freelancer with 12+ years of experience in multiple areas of web development. Specialized in TYPO3, especially programming with Extbase. Expert in the design and implementation of backend modules. Critical and customer-oriented. Trained media designer with German IHK certificate. Yes, I can also do screen design and even SEO. Contact me if you are looking for a lateral thinker who independently develops creative and effective solutions for you.

Skills overview:

  • TYPO3 extension development
  • TYPO3 backend module development
  • TYPO3 theme development
  • PHP programming in general
  • JavaScript programming
  • VANILLA JS (pure JavaScript)
  • jQuery & Custom plugins
  • CSS / SASS compilation
  • HTML5 / Bootstrap framework
  • PageSpeed optimization
  • Onpage SEO



My philosophy:


  • Interested in increasing the client's ROI
  • All codes are versioned with GIT
  • TYPO3 with composer is not a problem
  • Mobile first for the frontend
  • Good briefing, good price
  • PageSpeed is very important

Contact our partner: Simon Köhler

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