TYPO3 CMS for Marketers

TYPO3 CMS is an open-source enterprise content management system that supports your needs in connecting to your audience in today’s digital landscape.

Keep your web properties consistent, on-brand and on-message, no matter the size of your project, the number of sites, or in how many languages. TYPO3 gives your marketing teams an intuitive, easy-to-use toolset for creating and managing SEO-friendly, asset-rich content across all digital channels. And it helps your teams with tools like image editing, and device-specific mobile previews of your pages and content, and official integrations with Google Ads, Mautic, and other marketing industry partners.

With TYPO3, you don’t need IT support to carry out your daily job creating landing pages and campaigns, scheduling content, and measuring its impact. The large, professional community has already created official open source integrations with a host of popular services. Missing your favorite? Your qualified developers can easily add the digital marketing solution that satisfies your needs—CRM, analytics, e-commerce, and much more. TYPO3 helps your business on the compliance front, too, with regular releases, robust permissions and security hardening, GDPR tooling, and up-to-date components.

TYPO3 makes it easy to deliver marketing features that would represent significant challenges in other systems. For example, the CMS is built to deliver massively-multisite installations with digital asset management integrations, great SEO, authoring, translation, and editorial workflows. You can maintain performance and brand consistency across many sites and with hundreds of content editors contributing simultaneously.

For site visitors, TYPO3 delivers lightning fast web pages out-of-the-box, increasing conversions. The CMS is built for data privacy compliance, and remains performant and user-friendly while connecting you and your brand to your customers through hundreds of sites and languages.

TYPO3 CMS forklaret for direktøren

TYPO3 hjælper din IT-afdeling med at bygge sikre og opdaterede systemer, der giver din marketingsafdeling hvad de behøver for at skabe kontakt til jeres kunder og møde udfordringerne i det digital landskab.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the Project Manager

TYPO3 CMS is stable, reliable, and predictable, helping you deliver projects on time and on budget even when you’re developing new features and functionality.

TYPO3 CMS forklaret for udvikleren

Understøttet af et livligt og professionelt open source-community er TYPO3 bygget på eksisterende, standardbaserede open source-komponenter, der kan udvides, er fleksible og skalerbare.