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"Saxony-Anhalt is a federal state of Germany known for its beautiful landscapes and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The present British and Belgian royal families descend in patrilineal line from the House of Wettin, which originated in the village of the same name along the Saale River."

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"We get up earlier"” is the homepage of one of the 16 states of Germany. It is located in the western part of eastern Germany. By size, it is the 8th largest state in Germany, and by population, the 10th largest. Due to the large amount of information needed on this website, TYPO3 was an ideal tool for building the page.

Mobility and Logistics

Increasing global demand for mobility, the resulting infrastructure bottlenecks, growing environmental pressures and dwindling oil deposits require innovative, pioneering traffic solutions. Energy-efficient, low-emission vehicles, manufacturing technology and intelligent, multimodal traffic systems will define the future market.

With its high-performance supplier industry for automobile manufacturing and its application-oriented research, Sachsen-Anhalt has the competence to develop sustainable solutions.

Saxony-Anhalt - The land of culture

Saxony-Anhalt has a remarkable cultural landscape. UNESCO has not only granted the Bauhaus in Dessau the status of a World Heritage Site but the Old Town of Quedlinburg and the Luther-related sites in Wittenberg and Eisleben as well, along with the Dessau-Wörlitzer Garden Realm. And there are many other special cultural heritage attractions in Saxony-Anhalt. For example, the Nebra Sky Disk has become famous; a sensational archaeological find, it documents that the cultural roots of central Germany stretch back into prehistoric times.

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