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"We work with you in a partnership of trust, supporting your daily efforts to help patients and improve their quality of life. "

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Back in 2010, Marketing Factory was hired to relaunch the former pfm medical website because pfm medical ag had created a new corporate identity. The purpose of the new B2B website was to display the diversity of products and help customers get a fast and comprehensive overview of pfm medical ag products. Four years later it was time for another relaunch. This time, since the corporate identity should be kept, the old website was taken as a basis for the new website. Besides being responsive, the new design aims to be more up-to-date, straight and simple so that users can focus on the content. Aside from great changes in the layout, the whole content was organised in a new structure - old sections of content were discarded and new ones were created. However, the product catalogue was not touched. Here, the underlying structure is still the same. Only the way in which products are presented has changed to facilitate the access to the products. In the future it is planned to create even more content outside of the product catalogue, especially in the knowledge section of the website. Here, additional information on specific illnesses or diagnoses is presented.


The technical basis of the website was not changed much for the relaunch. Some adjustments had to be made to make the responsive web design work properly but since TYPO3 4.5 LTS was already in use and updated regularly here, the CMS did not have to be changed. For the product display and import of product data from SAP, TYPO3 Commerce is used. This data is transmitted directly from SAP to TYPO3 via an interface that was made especially for the company. Further product information can be added in TYPO3. A key feature of the website is the product catalogue and therefore also the product search. For this, SOLR search is used. SOLR had been integrated in the pfm medical website before this relaunch but within the scope of this project its use was extended to the whole website, which now includes regular content pages, the news and the dates section. Like in most website searches the user is presented with an autosuggest component. The complete site, including the product catalogue, is available in English and German.

About pfm medical

pfm medical ag has been a successful company in medical engineering for more than 40 years now. Extensive market experience and consistent quality management makes them and their products highly reliable and allows for a high level of quality. Since 2010 pfm medical ag has been a client of Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH.

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