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Condor Airlines Intranet

About Condor

Condor Flugdienst GmbH, usually shortened to Condor, is an airline based in Germany, operating scheduled leisure flights to the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, North America and the Caribbean as part of Thomas Cook Group. The company is headquartered in Kelsterbach, Hesse.

First ever Intranet for Condor

Within just a few months, AOE media developed an all-new intranet portal for the airline Condor. Condor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thomas Cook AG, one of the world’s leading tour operators. Condor wanted to provide employees with an attractive central point of contact for news relevant to the company, internal memos, current statistics, frequently used forms, employee offers and much more. With the intranet project the airline was treading new ground.

AOE media’s job was to create internet for both parent and subsidiary, using the same technology base. Although the two intranets needed to offer many of the same functions, Condor had somewhat wider-ranging requirements than its parent company. A central need of the airline was for the existing portal, which crews used as a central information medium for essentials such as duty rosters and briefings, to be linked to the intranet.

The workflow

After detailed strategic and conceptual discussions with the client, AOE media set up the intranet with TYPO3, the open source content management system that was also used for AOE media developed an internal marketplace as a TYPO3 extension, where employees can post, administer and read classified ads. One special technical feature of the Condor intranet is the single sign-on to the separate “OPS” portal. After logging into the OPS portal (for example, from the internet), crews can also access the intranet where they are automatically logged in as frontend users in TYPO3, allowing them to do things like post in forums or place items in the marketplace. There is no longer any need for double login. 

AOE media succeeded in creating a visually appealing and lively intranet that met the client’s need for technical sophistication as well as ease of use.

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