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"Lean back, relax and sip on your tomato juice while you're flying to your next meeting with Lufthansa. Guess what, the attendant who served this wonderful beverage was employed using a TYPO3 website."

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In the air tonight with TYPO3

About Lufthansa Group

Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a global aviation group which includes more than 400 subsidiaries and associated companies, the largest airline in Europe in terms of overall passengers carried (76 million customers). Together with other partners in the Star Alliance, the Lufthansa Group travels to 1077 destinations in 175 countries. At the end of 2009 it employed 118,000 people and achieved total operating revenue of 22.3 billion EUR for the year, as well as setting a new record for efficiency: it consumed only 4.30 litres per passenger per 100 kilometres, evidence of the innovation and forward-thinking that makes it the leading European airline.

TYPO3 is used for a wide range of different goals and websites

Just to name a few (of the usages), the corporate website offers the latest information about the company and its associated companies, media and investor relations, as well as their corporate responsibility. Special topic related multisites, like sport.lufthansagroup, are also part of the corporate portal - always available for desktop and mobile. Always published and empowered by TYPO3.

The website is dedicated to HR (Human Resources) and is the entry point for the over 118,000 employees and job candidates. By using this site users can find information about jobs and apprenticeships and about their job applications. Even live chat and online test training is available. Employees and applications can also register at the website and login and get information about their latest training and events.

By using TYPO3 Lufthansa ensures a 360° support system, mentoring and introductory approach toward the careers of its employees and job applicants.

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