From northern Germany into the world with TYPO3

"Bremen Airport - We keep the northwest moving"

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From northern Germany into the world with TYPO3

About Bremen Airport

50 Non-stop destinations in more than 20 countries in Europe and Northern Africa make the Bremen airport to one of the international passenger airports in Germany. With only 11 Minutes from Bremens city center to the airport, it is also one of the fastest reachable airports in Germany. With over 200 flights to major European flight hubs, it is an ideal starting point for any kind of trip. 

team neusta and Bremen Airport

Already since 2001 team neusta (at that time still only as “Interwall GmbH”) and Bremen Airport are working together to create an enjoyable online journey for passengers and visitors. During the years the website has gotten relaunched and redesigned, has been kept up-to-date and on top of technological trends. Team neusta is also taking care of all other online activities for the airport, helping with content editing, creating and sending of newsletters and press releases, events and information in case of crisis. In parallel team neusta also takes care of the Intranet which is based on TYPO3. To offer the best service available team neusta provides 24h support with fast reaction times, conceptional, graphical and strategical consulting as well as state-of-the-art technical implementations.


The Project

The website of Airport Bremen offers easily accessible information about incoming and outgoing flights with updates every minute, an overview of available flights and destinations as well as special offers for passengers and general information about the airport. An additional destination map provides a visual overview of flight destinations – detailed data about a destination and possible flights is always just a click away.


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As an owner-managed company team neusta provides consulting, development and realization of complex software-, mobile and eCommerce solutions in its core business.

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