ACO Group Digitalisation Project

"ACO. creating the future of drainage"

ACO Group Digitalisation Project

About ACO Group

ACO is an internationally positioned company in the construction industry that produces and sells its own products for numerous fields of application. Among others in the areas: building drainage, building material, civil engineering, tunnel construction, gardening and landscaping. The ACO Group is one of the world market leaders in drainage technology and stands for a holistic approach to professional drainage, economic cleaning and controlled discharge or reuse of water.

As a globally active company, the ACO Group currently operates over 100 different websites. Operating these, keeping them technically up-to-date and at the same time developing them further efficiently is our task and poses many challenges.


When operating more than 100 websites, synergy effects between the individual websites are not only desirable, but absolutely necessary. If, for example, a security update has to be installed only once and not 100 times, the advantage of efficient planning and organisation quickly becomes clear. Most ACO websites use the same code base and can therefore share important core functionalities. This is not only cost-efficient in development, but also in daily operation.

Repeated performance of the same activities is prone to errors. Therefore, tasks and processes that are performed repeatedly should be automated. At ACO, this is done through a complete Continuous Delivery Setup.



The ACO websites contain many thousands of content pages. Filling them and keeping them up-to-date is a demanding task - especially in those areas where product details, images, technical data, certificates and much more must be displayed correctly. Therefore dkd has developed interfaces between TYPO3 and the third party systems used by ACO. For example, all product data can be updated daily at the push of a button without a product manager even needing access to the CMS of the website.

Over the years, ACO has thus developed a highly efficient setup that meets the requirements of a world market leader.


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